I am so saddened to hear that Lily Allen has lost her baby at 6 months pregnant.  I think its her second loss and having to suffer that in the public eye must be even harder.  I was even more saddened to learn of the nasty site someone had set up on Facebook saying that Lily should stop trying to have a baby and saying some despicable things about babies with special needs and difficulties.  It is horrible that there are people like that out there, but I pity that person as they clearly have no idea.  I also know that people with view like that are in the minority - we have been amazed by the kindness and support we have received since having Sadie and I think that human nature is generally very kind and loving. 

I have had a relatively quiet day.  I have a really bad cold and I don't want to spreadit but also, as I am pregnant I am scared that I could pick up something nasty and put baby at risk as my immune system is low right now (apparently grief does that).  I keep meaning to sort out the nursery and Sadie's belongings but just can't seem to be able to yet.   I won't throw anything away but I need to put them somewhere else.  I also have a cupboard full of little-girl things.  Gorgeous clothes that friends lent me before Sadie was born, which she would never be able to wear.  I need to return these clothes to those friends soon - to make room for our baby bump (as we live in a v small house) and also because they aren't sonnections to Sadie and these beautiful clothes should be getting some good use from another little girl.

Well I'll stop writing now.  I hope I feel a bit better tomorrow as my 2 best friends are over for tea and then on Thursday a group of girlfriends meet with their children and I really want to be able to go too.