I have been to see the reverend at my methodist church this morning.  He was very supportive and has been from the beginning.  It helped to talk and gain reassurance.  It really helps just to be able to talk honestly about how I feel.  I felt much lighter when I left and althouh I still feel low, I feel I have regained a little strength.

I have started to sort things out in Sadie's room or rather, the nursery (as it will be our little boy's room) this morning.  It will take me some time, but I felt like Sadie was with me today and that gave me some strength.

My Mum-in-Law brought me an article she had clipped written by Anne Diamond when Samantha Cameron had their new baby.  Anne talks about having another baby after losing a child.  It was really helpful and I wish I could ask everyone to read it so they might understand how we feel as her words rang very true with us.