Friday was a good day for lifting my spirits. I felt a lot better after visiting the Reverend and I have felt much stronger these past couple of days.   Drew and I went to his sister and her boyfriend's house last night for a takeaway and had a great evening with family.

I have bought materials now from Hobbycraft so that I can make a special book (Sadie's Star) for our son-to-be. I hope I can get my creative hat on this week as I am also embroidering (yes, you read right!) a picture for our little boy's arrival.  I feel ready (readier anyway) to start making the nursery a little bit less girly and more boy-friendly.  Its heart-breaking and exciting all at once and I think it will help me prepare emotionally.

I have had more messages from parents who have lost children and parents of babies with Edwards' Syndrome (Trisomy 18) in recent weeks and I noticed that my site traffic for this site and Sadie's site has increased to around 450 visits per week!  This is great and it's so good to know that Sadie is being remembered and that our story is useful to others in some way.  For me, writing is my outlet; I can say a lot of things I probably don't speak aloud.  It's good to know that some of the things I share are in some way helpful.

Right now I am working on making my sites more searchable to those looking for info on Edwards' Syndrome and about losing a child, so I'll be trying to refer to Edwards' Syndrome and Trisomy 18 a lot more as part of that, following some expert advice from a friend.  If anyone reading this site is happy to put a link on their own personal sites like Facebook or blogs then I'd be very grateful as that will help spread the word.  If I can spread awareness about Edwards' Syndrome / Trisomy 18, what it is and where to go for advice then I will be very happy.

I have added a clip to this site - an article written by Anne Diamond when the Cameron family were expecting their latest addition to their family after losing their little boy.  I found the article, which my Mother in Law passed to me, very useful in summing up a little of how we feel right now and about having our next baby.  He will be an wonderful addition to our family, but we will always remember and want to remember our little girl too.  We still have our daughter and are still parents to Sadie; its just that she is no longer with us on earth.  I have shared the article because I know it must be hard for many people to know how to be around parents who are expecting a new baby after a loss and Anne puts it far more eloquently than I ever could.

I have also shared my story 'Sadie's Star' on this website and on Sadie's site.  I intend to give this book to our little boy one day and hope it will help him to understand more about his sister.  We will always talk about Sadie and keep her pictures around the house, but I want him to have something special to help him know her better.  I decided to share the book on line because maybe other children may find it useful in some way too.  I have no idea, but I am open to and would love to receive any feedback if any chooses to share it with their children.