Its so hard to believe a month ago today we lost our precious Sadie.  Although I have a website all about Sadie ( I wanted to keep that purely about Sadie.  As I go through the process of grieving for Sadie, I really want touse this site as an outlet to talk about my experiences.  I find writing cathartic for one thing but also perhaps other parents and families may find this helpful - who knows?

I have written 2 articles for SOFT (Support Organisation for Families of Trisomy) as attached documents below.  The first I wrote when Sadie was 6 months old and it was published in SOFTs latest newsletter.  The second I wrote today and it is with SOFT now for publishing in their next newsletter.

This weekend has been pretty painful.  The passage of time seems to worsen things at the moment - it means I ache for Sadie more and its hard to get my head around the knowledge that I won't be with her again. Not in this life.

Tomorrow I intend to get up early, dust myself off and try to be strong.  I have a lot of support and I have a busy week so hopefully I'll start feeling a little better again.  Some days are better than others.