Went to Loch Fyne last night.  Just Drew and me for dinner.  We actually had a really nice evening.  I think it helped that we kept it short and only stayed out for a couple of hours.  We felt quite brave and pleased with ourselves for doing it.  Its funny because, I thought it would be impossible to have good times and a good laugh ever again, but it isn't.  We do still have fun and we know that its important.  It doesn't stop us missing Sadie, but I know she wouldn't want us miserable - she never stopped smiling and laughing!

I think the key at the moment is to take small steps and not to expect too much from ourselves whilst we build ourselves back up. We're never going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves but we have our limits right now and if we're sensible, I think we'll get back to normal - just a new normal.