Life is busy again and we're getting out as usual.  I can't say I fire on all cylinders since losing Sadie but I am getting there. 

I am still in a temporary contact work-wise and hoping toland something more permanent, although to be honest I'd love moretime with Pat and to spend more time doing work with SOFT and helpingother bereaved parents but we just don't have the time and cannot afford for me to be out of work so all in good time I guess.

Pat is growing up so fast and is 11months now.  He looks somuch like Sadie at times and that is lovely and sad all at once. Today we have been for a walk to see the highland cattle, been clothes shopping, had lunch with friends and been to the play park with Nana Lawrence.  We keep pretty busy each day and life feels very full!

At the moment we are hoping to have a holiday abroad booked soon! 

Must dash.  Just wanted to check in and say in general, life is on a fairly even keel and happy albeit with sadness and tough moments thrown in.  Good times really!