I'm not a soap fan, but it has been highlighted to me recently that Eastenders are going to be running a storyline in the new year that gives me and many other mothers who have lost children much cause for concern.

As you can read on the website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/ a female character called Ronnie will have a still born baby.  Its a tough plot line but I think its good that this will raise awareness of SIDS.  However, Ronnie will then abduct another woman's baby in this story.  This abduction causes me great concern as it portyays women who lose a child as unhinged and jealous and potentially capable of this terrible thing.

I am lucky that many of my friends and family have been great and they know that I feel no jealousy whatsoever towards those who have children.  I do not yearn for their babies.  I miss my own little girl, but I do not want someone else's child.  I am pleased for other mums and I enjoy spending time with their children.  I love hearing about how friends' children are doing and I feel no jealousy whatsoever.  I only wish that I could have the same happiness and that Sadie had not died.

It would break my heart to think that anyone would feel uncomfortable talking to me about their child or that they would be worried about spending time with me.

In the new community of friends I have who have lost children, I have found women who have been treated differently by other mums - as if they are crazy women who can no longer be trusted around kids.  People hush talking about children when they are about and say cruel and hurtful things behind their backs.

It is sheer madness.  If someone loses their parent, they don't start being jealous of those with parents and try to find a new one.  We just miss and grieve for the person we have lost.  Its inconceivable to me that someone could think that because we have lost a child we may want to replace them with another.  Its absolute nonsense.

I know that some people find it tough knowing what to say to us and how to be around us.  They worry about hurting us.  In time, I hope to allay these fears because, although I understand them, they have nothing to worry about. 

As you can see I find this Eastenders storyline very worrying as I think it can add fuel to those who are a little weary of us mums who have lost children.  It can further isolate us at a time when we need to be understood and supported.

I have complained to the BBC (https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/ and would be grateful to anyone who would back me in this by doing the same and logging onto the complaints form and raising a complaint about this storyline.

I'm not a campaigner and I don't like ranting, but I do feel quite strongly about this and would appreciate any support.
Thank you.