Hi Everyone and Happy Easter!

I really must try to find more time to report on how things are.  In general Drew and I are really strong and happy and we are hugely thankful for that.  Life is full and Patrick is utterly wonderful.  We feel blessed.

I am in the process of publishing Sadie's Star which is so exciting and it means the world to me.  I sound like an X Factor contestant now!

We have our moments still and we miss Sadie so much.  She remains as always, our much loved daughter and she remains in our lives every day.  Recently I was blessed with 2 dreams of holding Sadie and they meant so much to me.  I beamed all day afterwards.  I can still remember how I held Sadie and the feel of her gaze and sometimes her beautiful baby smell.

Sometimes I have nightmares and some days or moments feel sad and hard.  The grief is there but well managed.  I remain proud of Sadie and it fills me with happiness and hope that I can share her story more widely.  If her book can help some other families then that would be lovely.  Here's hoping we're published soon.

Sadie's All Stars and I are running the Manchester 10k in May too so that is another source of excitement and emotion too.  What could be more special to me that representing my little girl's memory in these ways? It's an honour and I just hope I do it well for her.

I'll try to blog again soon as I do miss my rare moments to share my thoughts and talk all things Sadie!

Best wishes