Just a quick update to say Pat is doing very well.  He is absolutely brilliant and we feel so lucky to have him.  He's full of personality and gorgeous too.  So many people have sent lovely cards and messages and we've been amazed by the lovely, kind gifts we've been sent from so many people for Pat.

Missing Sadie doesn't change. Its fabulous having such immense joy back in our lives but the pain of losing Sadie is overwhelming at times and it is all I can do to hold those emotions back until it is appropriate to let them out. The tears keep coming.  Perhaps having a baby around just reminds us all the more of how much we have already lost.  Pat has so many of Sadie's little ways, which is really lovely, but also painful too. I wish things were different and that she were here to share Pat with us, but I know she's close by too.

Sadie's headstone arrived.  Mum and Dad went to the cemetery on Saturday and were surprised to see it there.  We'd been expecting it but as the arrival date coincided with my csection I had lost contact a little with the funeral directors.  Drew and I went to see the grave on Sunday morning.  It hurt so much to see our daughter's name etched on stone for evermore.  It feels so final and painful.  We are pleased that it looks tidy and dignified though.  I was very hurt to see a woman walking a dog off a lead around the cemetery.  It was so disrespectful and I feel full of torment that her og may run over my precious daughter's grave.  I wish I had spoken up but we were in no state to do that.  I feel so protective over Sadie's grave and over her memory and so I am finding this is on my mind a lot.

Mainly Pat and I are keeping busy.  My mum and close family are helping out lots in various ways as I am still recovering.  Friends have been fantastic too.  I am really enjoying having Pat here and sharing him with friends and family.  He has been receiving such a warm welcome and its really lovely.

Well I must go.  I could write all day as I have so much to say, but Pat is getting ready for 2nd brekkie!

PS my 2nd article has been published in SOFT's newsletter - see SOFT's UK website :)