Well for various reasons I just don't seem to blog these days.  The main reason is that I have so little time for it, but I also feel that I only think of blogging when I feel low with grief and I don't want this to be so very negative.  Another reason is that I find myself in some very hard circumstances each week that I work so hard to deal with and keep a smile on my face if possible, so I feel like then blogging about it would be undoing that in some way.  People try so hard to be understanding and I am mega grateful for that and the last thing I want to do is then cause uncomfortable situations by blogging about conversations I have had and how I have found different experiences - whether they be positive or challenging.

I will say that I do find the grief hits in waves and sometimes I can handle something and the next week I cannot, so I just withdraw or risk being on the verge of tears.  Its v unpleasant as I would hate to make anyone uncomfortabe with me starting to cry in pubic etc.  I think I just have to keep trying to do normal things and accept some days will be harder than others.

Well I must go as Pat has just woken up from afternoon napping.