Pat is having a nap so I am quickly updating my blog.

Had a lovely weekend... Seen a few friends and family, went to the gym (!) and also been for some walks. Pat's Nana comes to sit for him for a couple of hours most Sunday afternoons whilst Drew and I go for a long walk to blow the cobwebs away.  Drew and I always have our best talks when we walk.  I always feel better for them.  Pat gets to spend time with his Nana.  His grandparents love sitting for Pat and he really enjoys being with them.  He is so happy and smiley.  Pat has started to laugh a little bit and we spend hours trying to think of ways to keep him smiling as his whole face lights up.  Is there anything more enjoyable than that?

I am trying to get fit again and hopefully prepare to raise some money for Francis House through running next year.  I am thinking of the Manchester 10K.  At one time that would be no problem but although I am not clinically over weight, I am about 1 / 1&1/2 stone above my normal weight.  I have been hitting the gym, started aerobics and been jogging on top of lots of walking but I think I over did it because I feel drained and have lots of back and neck ache so I need to get that fixed before I go doing much else.  I do think when I feel physically fit I feel more emotionally strong, so that makes me eager to get in shape but it is so much harder this time  round.  I'll get there though.

I gave an interview with a journalist for Best Magazine last week and this morning she read the draft to me before submission.  Its obviously in magazine-style so its a bit more dramatically worded than perhaps I would describe events but I am happy that the article is reflective of Sadie.  I am impressed by how well this lady caught my views and feelings in just one meeting as I thought I struggled to articulate.  A couple of national newspapers may still want the story so that would be nice.  I love to talk about Sadie.  I hope to write about her fully one day.  When I feel able to.  Its so important to get it right though as her memory is so very precious to us.

I am slowly taking away pictures of Sadie we have around the house.  We had several in each room when she died but I know this is not necessarily healthy on a permanent basis for us, so I have scaled it down to 1 per room.  This feels strange but given we have no pictures of Pat up yet (although we have 100s on the lap top!) we know there needs to be some balance.  We're not a home where we have lots of pictures up as we've a small house and I like to have clear surfaces.  I have had 2 large canvases done - one with Pat's photo and one with Sadie's  I'll be glad to get them hung soon. 

Well I am waiting for Pat to wake up and then we may brave this dreadful weather and have a walk.