On 17/02/2011 Patrick Richard Collins was born by CSection weighing 6lb10oz.  Pat is absolutely gorgeous and we are so thrilled to have him.  We feel utterly blessed to have had 2 beautiful babies and although Sadie is in Heaven we know she is watching over Pat.

Being pregnant with Pat was truly terrifying.  I tried my best to relax and enjoy it, but we were so afraid to bring another baby into the world but we are so happy to have Pat here.  As we work our way through our grief we know Pat will bring us so much joy.  Both Drew and I felt that we could never feel truly happy again, but we feel like the light has been switched back on and we have hope for a happy future.

Right now, we just want to enjoy every moment with our son.  Sadie is, as always, very much in our hearts and on our minds.  We miss her so much and although its sad she isn't sharing this moment with us, we feel her close by and she remains a huge part of our family.

Pat is doing so well and I have put a picture of him in the gallery. Pat's been checked over my 2 Paedeatricians, one GP and several midwives and I am starting to believe that all will be well.  He's a lovely character - he makes us laugh and just melts our hearts. 

The staff at Macclesfield hospital and their community teams have been nothing short of amazing with us.  They have gone out of their way to help us through all this and we are astounded by their kindness.  We are eternally grateful to them.

We have received so many warm messages and amazing support from friends, family and many people in our community.  We have received so many beautiful cards and gifts for Pat and we feel so glad to be able to share this joy with so many.

So many wonderful things have come to us from having Sadie - too many to mention.... but I will say that it has brought me closer to so many friends and family members.  Drew and I ahve been very lucky and we cherish those relationships that have blossomed.

Well I am getting off this computer now because I want to hold my son and cuddle him and tell him how much we love him for the thousandth time.